Foam Packaging Solutions


Donpack are fabricators/converters of polyurethane and polyethylene foams with excellent cushioning attributes and versatility of all shapes and sizes, for the cost-effective protection of our customer’s products during distribution and storage. 

Driven to produce the highest quality solutions we use state-of-the-art techniques and software in the design and manufacture of foam protective packaging. We have an extensive range of cutting equipment from cutters and knives to routing machines. 

Protective packaging

Our foam comes in various grades and the cushioning systems are designed to reduce the severity of shock that can be experienced during product shipment in demanding distribution environments. All our foam packs have been designed and tested to pass industry drop test standards.

Bespoke protective packaging solutions

We are industry leaders in composite packaging solutions involving foam cushioning combined with advanced corrugated conversion techniques. We can combine protective foam packaging internals with our other packaging materials to achieve a bespoke solution for any requirement.

We supply a large range of unique and innovative foam packaging products to a wide diversity of industries including Aerospace, Electronics, Food, Medical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, etc.

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We offer a huge range of protective foam packaging products to a wide diversity of industries.